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Landscaping Lighting Design

Landscaping Lighting Design

The landscape lighting design is especially popular in rural houses and bungalows, which makes these houses look more vibrant and appealing. Gardens, courtyards, and reception areas are generally lighted to provide homeowners with more security and accessibility, especially at night.

There are different types of landscape lights these days, and even with so many tutorial videos streamed on the internet, it has become very easy to decorate them. The lighting mainly of the garden, the courtyards and the landscape must not last longer than 2 weekends.

Here are some useful landscape lighting designs:

  1. Placing an upward-facing ball of light about a foot from the foundation will attract the architectural elements of the home. They are specially designed for the porch of pillars, dormers and deep eaves.
  2. Light the trees to highlight them, which are up to 20 feet tall. Only a 20 watt light will do the magic
  3. Landscape lights don’t just have to be used in front of the house. If the homeowners have swings in their back yard, it may well be surrounded by downlights and upward pointing welllights around the branches. This will invite guests and families to come out and enjoy the swing area as well
  4. The glowing garden is also one of the most popular designs for lighting beds, patio furniture, and taller plants
  5. The seating area of ​​patio furniture may need additional lighting, especially for mood lighting. The grill counter and dining area can be softly lit for a relaxing dinner or a party with family and friends

Decorating the landscape with lights is very easy and cheaper. LED lights can also be used to create an effect, but they can be expensive compared to traditional lights.