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Rattan Chairs

Rattan Chairs

Before we get familiar with the elegance of rattan chairs, we need to know what exactly we mean by “rattan”. “Rattan” consists of around 600 species of old climbing palms that live on earth. Rattan can be considered a liana rather than real wood because of its wooden vines that distinguish lian from wood.

As we can see, rattan chairs have a very natural and graceful impact on the garden, which enhances the beauty of the garden. You can set it up in the garden as a table for breakfast or on a covered terrace.

Some of the main features of rattan chairs are listed below:

  • Weight and strengthThe most important feature that makes rattan chairs cheap is the lightness of the material, which is easy to work with, but has a strong design that is not prone to loading. Their durability is quite high and the material is quite waterproof.
  • Cost effectivenessRattan chairs are known for their low cost and resistance to moisture absorption. Not only is synthetic rattan furniture cheap, but it also offers some advantages over natural rattan when it comes to comparing cost and workability.
  • Flexible nature: Rattan is a material that makes it easier to shape and allows for more complex shapes and designs that give the chairs more detail and appearance. With different designs like the ring rattan chairs, the French bistro design, hanging rattan furniture, rattan ball seat chairs and much more.
  • Low maintenance: A very small but practical feature of the rattan chairs is the low maintenance required compared to the chairs available on the market. Wiping off the dirt with a brush or damp cloth is sure to save a lot of money on lubricating other materials.