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Skylight Shades

Skylight Shades

In order to make your home airy, open and choking-free, appealing skylights are a good game. This natural lighting system ensures free and original air. With the help of interesting roof windows you can avoid the sunlight and still get free air.

Check out the following ideas to naturally air-condition your room:

Simple square roof window screen: Let Night Stars do the talking through this simple skylight shade. The option is available in both automated mode and manual opening system. You can set the priority according to your budget and the demand of the space. This idea suits any room and space, regardless of the size of the room.

Large round skylights: Enjoy the breathtaking view of the sky during the day. The design gives your garden a regal look. The high-quality roof window in round shape takes up a lot of space and costs, but illuminates your living space perfectly halfway.

Blind skylight: The long lasting and lasting idea for all homes to create a natural ventilator. After investing, try to choose the high quality roof window. There are so many prints you can get on the roll side of the skylight.

Folding or veil-supported skylight umbrellaIf you don’t need a skyguard at any time, you can cover it with a veil or a window curtain. Even if you have solid panels for your shade, you can keep the folding curtain open to the room. Just fold it up when you don’t need it.

The idea of ​​skylight shading isn’t about cutting your bills, it’s about decorating your home and bringing natural air into your home. It may be unique, but you will be comfortable for a long time. So do it and enjoy it.