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Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood tones are environmentally friendly and are made from 100% organic material. In addition to traditional bamboo or wood, they are made of soft fibers such as jute, hemp and flax. These soft fibers add softness, elegance and style to your room, salon, balcony, terrace or any other place.

Such woven wood tones have numerous advantages. These shades give a green, environmentally friendly home as they are made from renewable raw materials such as bamboo, jute, hemp, etc. They help block harmful UV rays when completely lowered when paired with a lining. For absolute light control and ultimate privacy, these semi-transparent blinds can be combined with a blackout film.

Woven curtains and panels can be combined with these woven shades in rooms with windows and sliding doors. These roller blinds are available in the market in different modes, e.g. B. from bottom to top, from top to bottom and from roller blinds. They can also be motorized for added security and convenience. In addition, wireless and cordless motorized blinds are now available in the market.

There are several styles these woven colors come in such as: Standard roman tones, looped roman tones, and hobbling waterfall style. The standard Roman style gives it a clean, classic look and rolls evenly with flat folds, while the loop style features undulating, soft bows made of natural material, giving it a dimensional look. The waterfall pattern depends on the front headrests and creates a clean look. These blinds are also available as sliding panels that can be opened as one-way or floating panels. These umbrellas look cool, sleek, and neat, and come in versatile and neutral colors to add a warm, earthy feel to your home or office. There is also a tropical feel to it with its rich and distinctive texture.